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  1. Poppadom
  2. Spicy Poppadom
  3. Mango Chutney
  4. Mint Sauce
  5. Onion Salad
  6. Lime Pickle
  1. Mixed Platter (Ideal For 2 Persons)

    A unique combination of chicken tikka, lamb seekh kebab, vegetable samosa & onion bhaji

  2. Chingri Bora

    Minced prawn & baby spinach sauteed with chopped onions, garlic, saffron spices, fresh mint & corriander

  3. Stuffed Khumbi

    Mushroom stuffed with cheese, covered with bread crumbs
    & deep fried to a golden finish

  4. Trio of Tikka Starter

    Green herbs chicken tikka, lamb tikka &
    traditional chicken tikka

  5. Salmon Tikka Starter

    Tandoor grilled chunk of salmon marinated with yoghurt,
    lemon juice & ground spices & baked in the tandoor

  6. Chicken Chaat Starter

    Tandoori chicken cooked in special tamarind base
    sauce with spring onions & coriander

  7. Malabari Chicken

    A nice combination of shredded chicken, sweetcorn,
    turmeric powder, onions, mustard seed, yoghurt,
    coconut powder and then finished with coconut

  8. Chicken Pakora

    Diced chicken tikka dipped in a special batter
    & deep fried until golden colour

  9. Green Herbs Chicken Tikka Starter

    A subtle combination of green chilli, coriander,
    curry leaves & fresh mint

  10. Mixed Kebab Starter

    Chicken tikka, seekh kebab & onion bhaji

  11. Onion Bhaji

    Finely shredded onions, potatoes & lentils spiced with
    fennel & coriander, deep fried

  12. King Prawn Butterfly

    Flattened king prawn marinated in spices, coated in bread crumbs & deep fried

  13. Pathia Puree

    Pan fried in a dry medium spices sauce, served with a puree

  14. Garlic Tiger Prawn

    Tiger prawn tossed with lots of garlic, onions & corriander

  15. Lamb Somosa

    Minced lamb wrapped in a thin crispy pastry

  16. Vegetable Somosa

    Spicy vegetables wrapped in a thin crispy pastry

  17. Lamb Seekh Kebab

    Spicy lamb minced with ground spices & skewered,
    grilled in the oven

  18. Lamb Shami

    Mince lamb patties with freshly ground aromatic spices
    & grilled in a pan

  19. Lamb Tikka Starter

    Delicious tender lamb marinated with tandoori spices,
    yoghurt, ginger & then barbecued in the clay oven

  20. Traditional Chicken Tikka Starter

    Delicious tender chicken marinated with tandoori spices, yoghurt, ginger then barbecued in the clay oven

  21. Batak Tikka

    Tender duck marinated in ground spices & then baked
    in the oven

  22. Stuffed Pepper

    Whole capsicum grilled in the tandoor, stuffed with
    shredded chicken, lamb OR vegetable & covered
    with melted cheese

  23. Jhingra Paneer

    King prawn & paneer (Indian curd cheese) marinated
    in yoghurt & selected herbs & spices,
    then grilled in the tandoor

  1. Traditional Chicken Tikka Main

    Boneless supreme chicken marinated overnight in yoghurt, herbs & spices

  2. Green Herbs Chicken Tikka Main

    A subtle combination of green chilli, coriander,
    curry leaves & fresh mint

  3. Lamb Tikka Main

    Tender lamb marinated overnight in yoghurt,
    herbs & spices

  4. Batak Tikka Main

    Succulent slices of breast of duckling marinated then
    cooked in the tandoor

  5. Half Tandoori Chicken Main

    Succulent pieces of chicken on the bone marinated then
    cooked in the tandoor

  6. Shashlik Main

    Succulent barbecued chicken, lamb, king prawn OR duck
    combined with the taste of roasted peppers,
    onions & tomatoes

  7. Tandoori Mixed Grill

    A mixture of tandoori chicken, lamb tikka, chicken tikka,
    seekh kebab, tandoori king prawn
    & served with plain naan

  8. Tandoori King Prawns Main

    King prawns delicately spiced & barbecued on skewers

  9. Tandoori Salmon

    A salmon fillet marinated with herbs & spices then grilled
    in the tandoor & garnished

  1. Makhani Chicken

    Chicken marinated in a blend of spices & cooked on a
    low flame with butter & almond until the cooked.
    Slightly sweet & buttery

  2. Naga Mrich Masala

    Lamb,or chicken cooked in bangladeshi chilli with
    special garlic, green chilli & corriander sauce

  3. Bengal Chilli Chicken

    Chicken tikka marinated in herbs & spices the cooked with special garlic, green chilli & coriander sauce

  4. Hyderabadi Murgh

    Tender chicken marinated overnight, barbecued in the
    tandoor then finished in sesame seed,
    tamarind & sweet chilli sauce

  5. Mughle Azam

    An exceptional & spicy combination of tikka chicken,
    potatoes & lamb minced cooked in
    garlic, ginger & special ground spices

  6. Sali Gosht

    A famous parsi wedding dish of tender
    lamb cooked with dried apricots in a masala sauce.
    Lavishly garnished with crisp straw potatoes

  7. Murgh Mushroom

    Tender chicken cooked with mushroom, fresh garlic &
    ground spices & a touch of cream in a
    smooth balti sauce

  8. Chicken Badam Pasanda

    Chicken in a mild sauce made from yoghurt, almonds &
    cream then flavoured with subtle spices

  9. Gosht Kalimurchi

    Tender lamb flavoured with bay leaf &
    cinnamon. Cooked with garlic, coriander & black pepper

  10. Chicken Chittinad

    Chicken grilled in tandoori then cooked in onions,
    lightly spiced with plum tomato, mango pulp and tamarind

  1. Tamarind Chicken (Hot)

    Tandoori chicken cooked in the tandoor, finished with a
    blend of chillies, garlic, tamarind & mustard seed to
    give a unique flavour

  2. Green Chilli Curry

    Green herbs chicken tikka cooked in a South Indian style
    with curry leaf, coconut milk & coriander

  3. Nariyal Murgh

    BBQ chicken cooked with coconut, selected herbs &
    spices with a hint of coconut milk of produce
    a gorgeous taste

  4. Chilli Chicken Masala

    Tender chicken marinated in our masala sauce & cooked
    with chef's own special garlic, chillies,
    cream & coriander sauce

  5. Gosht Lal Mirchi

    A popular home cooked tender lamb or beef dish
    from the South of Indian with strong flavours of
    crushed red chillies, coriander, lemon & peppers

  6. Sabzi Murgh

    Succulent chicken & selected seasonal vegetable cooked
    in a medium sauce of onions, peppers & coriander

  7. Minty

    Tender lamb pieces cooked in a cool yogurt & spicy mint
    based sauce

  8. Chicken Amnah

    Succulent chicken cooked with mango & coconut milk
    to give a smooth medium flavoured dish

  9. Achari Gosht

    Tender lamb or beef pieces cooked in mango & lime sauce

  1. Tikka Masala

    Marinated in a prepared sauce of selected herbs & spices
    barbecued in tandoori oven & enriched with a masala sauce

  2. Tikka Jalfrezi

    A thick hot curry sauce made with a variety of fresh spices,
    onion, peppers, tomato & fresh green chillies

  3. Korma

    This dish originate around Delhi, they are delicately flavoured
    for a rich, creamy taste & cooked using coconut & raisins

  4. Bhuna

    Cooked with special spices, herbs, onions & tomatoes
    in a thick sauce

  5. Dapiaza

    Bangalore style curry with spicy onions & capsicum
    in a delicious sauce

  6. Rogon Josh

    Cooked with medium hot sauce spices & herbs, garnished
    with lots of cooked tomatoes & coriander

  7. Basic Curry

    Medium Sauce

  8. Karai

    This is a fairly thick tomato based sauce cooked
    with slices of onion & capsicum, flavoured with garlic,
    ginger & a selection of spices

  9. Sag

    A punjabi dish made into an earthly dry curry with spinach

  10. Balti

    Balti dishes are lightly spiced, cooked with garlic, tomatoes,
    capsicum, onion & coriander, served with plain nann bread

  11. Dhansak

    Persian style curry, hot, sweet and sour flavour,
    cooked in lentils with garlic and fenugreek,
    served with pilau rice

  12. Pathia

    An unusual balance of hot, sour & sweet flavoured curry
    with a touch of coconut, served with pilau rice

  13. Madras

    Fairly hot flavoured sauce

  14. Vindaloo

    Very hot sauce with potato

  1. Saffron King Prawn

    King prawns cooked with slices of onion, capsicum,
    flavoured with garlic, green chillies & coconut milk

  2. King Prawn Jalfrezi

    King prawns tossed in garlic & fresh ground spices then
    stir fried with peppers, onion & a sweet chilli sauce

  3. Jai Puri King Prawn

    A hot yet delicate dish with whole king prawns char-grilled
    in their shells simmered in garlic & green chilli sauce

  4. Machli Shim

    Bangladeshi fish marinated in fresh garlic & ground then
    cooked with green beans in Bhuna style sauce

  5. Mass Jalfrezi

    A fresh water Bangladesh fish cooked in a terrific hot &
    spicy sauce of green chillies, turmeric,
    garlic & coriander

  6. Suka Salmon

    Prime salmon falvoured with garlic, herbs & aromatic
    spices & served with tamarind &
    cinnamon base sauce

  7. Machili Aloo Bhuna

    Bangladeshi fish in fresh garlic & ground spices, cooked
    with baby potatoes in a bhuna style

  8. Malabari Fish

    A delicious preperation of bangladeshi fish prepared in
    shouth indian style with finely chopped tomatoes
    in thick medium sauce with coconut milk

  1. Rajasthani Batak

    Lean duck marinated overnight, barbecued in the tandoor
    then finished in sesame seed, tamarind & honey sauce

  2. Podina Batak

    Tender barbecued duck marinated in fresh ground spices, cooked with mint flavoured sauce & mango

  3. Kerala Batak

    Popular duck dish from south of india region of Kerala.
    Cooked with selected spices garam masala.
    Sliced ginger, onion, garlic, mustard seed and fennel seed
    with a touch of ghee then finished with coconut milk.

  1. Saffron Mixed Special Biryani

    A mixed chicken, meat & seafood dish

  2. Nawabi Chicken Tikka Biryani

    Chicken tikka, spinach & green chillies

  3. Biriyani

    Choice of:
    £8.60 Chicken Tikka
    £7.60 Lamb or Chicken
    £9.60 Duck Tikka
    £11.35 King Prawn
    £7.25 Vegetables or Mushroom

  1. Korai Sabzi

    Mixed vegetable, lightly spiced & cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, onions, capsicum, tomato & coriander

  2. Vegetable Chilli Fry

    A melange of vegetables, cooked in a special garlic & chilli sauce

  3. Paneer Palak

    Fresh cottage cheese & spinach, a delightful flavour

  4. Makhani Sabzi

    A combination of seasonal vegetables cooked in a
    mild sauce with cream & raisins

  5. Korai Paneer Masala

    Paneer (Indian crud cheese) marinated in herbs & spices,
    cooked with onion & capsicum in a creamy masala sauce

  1. Spinach Bhaji
  2. Vegetable Bhaji
  3. Mushroom Bhaji
  4. Cauliflower Bhaji
  5. Chickpeas Bhaji
  6. Okra Bhaji
  7. Aubergine Bhaji
  8. Bombay Potato

    Spicy potatoes

  9. Saag Aloo

    Spinach & potatoes

  10. Aloo Gobi

    Potato & cauliflower

  11. Khumbi Palak

    Mushrooms & spinach

  12. Tarak Daal

    Lentils & garlic

  13. Aloo Chana

    Potatoes & chickpeas

  14. Saag Daal

    Spinach & lentils

  1. Basmati Pilau Rice
  2. Coconut Rice
  3. Egg Rice
  4. Garlic & Chilli Rice
  5. Keema Rice

    Lamb mince

  6. Mushroom Fried Rice
  7. Onion Fried Rice
  8. Plain Boiled Rice
  1. Plain Naan

    Bread the tandoor

  2. Keema Naan

    Stuffed with minced lamb & coriander

  3. Peshwari Naan

    Stuffed with coconut, sultanas & almond

  4. Garlic Naan

    Stuffed with fresh garlic & coriander

  5. Chilli Naan

    Stuffed with green chilli & coriander

  6. Cheese Naan

    Stuffed with cheese

  7. Cheese & Garlic Naan

    Stuffed with cheese & garlic

  8. Paratha

    Round shaped bread fried in butter

  9. Stuffed Paratha

    Stuffed with mixed vegetable

  10. Tandoori Roti

    Thin unleavened bread

  11. Chapati

    Dry thin unleavened bread

  12. Raita
  13. Chips

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